• My Grandma's Granny Smith Apple Coffee Cake


    The only word to describe this cake is luscious! This mouthwatering twist on our Cinnamon Coffee Cake is a best seller. After adding two layers of fresh, tart Granny Smith apples to our Cinnamon Coffee Cake, we slow bake the cake, gently softening and caramelizing the apples, resulting in an epicurean delight for apple lovers! This recipe is baked with walnuts and is Kosher certified.   The 8" cake is 1.75 lbs and serves 8-12 people.   The sampler is 3.4 ounces and the perfect size for one.  Each cake can be stored in its original packaging for up to 14 days unrefrigerated.  If you do not plan on serving the entire cake within 14 days, we recommend freezing it for up to a month. 

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